Learning to dive is a positive and life changing experience, and learning to dive in Malta makes it even more special. 

Malta is the perfect location for divers of all level of experience, and beginners can start as they mean to go on by training in the sea.


Diving is all about experiencing the sea, and we want all our divers to have the best experience possible although we do have access to a pool if necessary. 

All our classes are small with no more than 3 students with each Instructor – and this is a promise! By doing this, we can provide the highest level of care and ensure that each of our students receives the solid foundation of knowledge that will keep them safe and enhance their diving experiences in the years to come. 


We try, as far as possible, to match our students to the most appropriate Instructor, especially in terms of language and “your” Instructor will support you every step of the way, from your classroom basics and into the water they will help you become safe and responsible divers. Recognising that some people prefer one-to-one tuition, this is available at the additional cost of €90/day.


E-learning is becoming increasingly popular, and our students can choose to complete their PADI theory instruction online, freeing up valuable dive time once you are in Malta.


Choose from a range of BSAC and PADI dive courses.

Beginner Courses
Beginner Courses
Continued Training
Continued Training