Bristol Beaufighter
Location: 900m offshore St Julian's Point

Max Depth (m): 38m

Orientation: Upside Down

Site Access: Boat

Diver Level: AOW [Or Equivalant]

Nationality: British

Type Of Wreck: Bristol Beaufighter [Aircraft]

Propulsion: -

Weight (tons): -

Dimensions (m): -

Cause Lost:

Mechanical Failure

Date Lost: WWII

Date Rediscovered: -

Date Built: -

Builder: -

Owner: -

Engine: -

Power: -

Speed: 328mph

Protected: No



Last Update: 20.02.2009


On the 17th March 1943 the Beaufighter left Malta on a mission. Almost as soon as she left the airport mechanical problems occurred. The aircraft began vibrating rapidly and quickly she began to lose altitude. The crew were left with no other option than to ditch the plane in the sea. Both crew escaped unharmed. The aircraft now lies upside down on a sandy bottom with the wings and centre fuselage still intact. Most of the wreck is buried in the sand, with both undercarriage frames and shredded tyres sticking up from their wing positions behind the engines. One of the propellers is still attached to the engine however, partly buried.