Voted the third best place to dive in the world, the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino are a Technical Diver's paradise. We provide certified divers with some of the best diving to be found anywhere, with dive sites ranging from wrecks, reefs, caves and caverns to the world famous remarkable natural phenomenon, the Blue Hole. The Blue Hole has recently been voted as one of the top ten dives anywhere in the world.


Most dives in Malta are shore dives, although you will find many opportunities to boat dive. Many of the wrecks are below 30 metres, and require technical training, but for the average recreational diver, there's no shortage of good sites.


The combination of wrecks and history make Malta one of the most exciting wreck diving detinations in the world. From the time of the Phoenicians to the present day, Malta has a long and fascinating maritime past. During World War II, Malta became the most bombed place on earth - 6,700 tons fell in just six weeks. The brave Maltese were awarded the George Cross in 1942 " bear witness to a heroism and devotion that will long be famous in history". Ranging from Destroyers, Submarines, Aircraft and Passenger Liners to the World Heritage site The X127 Waterlighter - the only remaining intact example of it's kind; it is no surprise then that a large number of the best wreck sites here date from the First and Second World Wars. The Maltese islands also play host to several purpose sunk vessels, scuttled deliberately for the purpose of diving.


Maltaqua's technical divers are actively in the hunt for new wrecks, with new sites being discovered every year. Many of the wrecks we visit have only recently been discovered, some of them are practically virgin having only been dived by a privelaged select few.


The information and images we are trying to gather on this page is continually being updated with each dive. If you have any additional knowledge on any of the wrecks listed, or have information regarding vessels suspected of having been lost in our region that you think we should be searching for, we would love to hear from you.