HM Drifter Eddy
Location: Grand Harbour

Max Depth (m): 56m

Orientation: Sitting upright

Site Access: Shore

Diver Level: Technical

Nationality: British

Type Of Wreck: Dredger (Drifter)

Propulsion: -

Weight (tons): -

Dimensions (m): Length 27m; Beam 6m

Cause Lost:

Sunk by a mine. She has a large hole in her hull on the starboard side, caused by the mine that sunk her.

Date Lost: 26/05/1942

Date Rediscovered: 26/10/1995

Date Built: Launched 6th August 1918

Builder: A. Hall

Owner: -

Engine: -

Power: -

Speed: -

Protected: Yes


No (From research gathered it is known that four Maltese port workers died on HM Drifter Eddy on Tuesday morning of the 26/5/1942. It appears that the bodies of these four victims were all recovered. Three other port workers also died whilst serving on HM Drifter Eddy a few days earlier on 25th May 1942. The bodies of these three victims were all taken to shore. It is important to note that no human remains have been found on HM Drifter Eddy by the diving team).

Last Update: 28.05.2009


Diving on this wreck is considered hazardous due to its close proximity of Grand Harbour entrance and ship traffic in and out of Valletta harbour.