Bristol Blenheim Bomber
Location: 800m out from Xorb L-Ghagin

Max Depth (m): 42m

Orientation: Sitting Upright

Site Access: Boat

Diver Level: AOW [Or Equivalent]

Nationality: British

Type Of Wreck: Bristol Blenheim Mark IV Bomber [Aircraft]

Propulsion: -

Weight (tons): -

Dimensions (m): -

Cause Lost:

Shot Down

Date Lost: Beginning WWII

Date Rediscovered: -

Date Built: -

Builder: -

Owner: -

Engine: 2 x Radial Bristol

Power: 850hp

Speed: 460km/h

Protected: No



Last Update: 20.02.2009


This excellent dive, of a British World War 11 Blenheim bomber, should be carefully planned, for it now rests peacefully at 42m, two miles off the Southwest coast of Malta. She lies on a seabed of sand, with many small outcrops of rocks covered in coral and marine growth, here the visibility is normally very good and can be as much as 40 metres plus.


The engine and the wings are intact and upright, with only the propeller missing on the port side engine. The cockpit, joystick and front jockey wheel are still there, but the fore section of the plane must have broken off during impact and lies a few meters away, in front of the wings.


The small reefs which surround the plane wreckage provide a good habitat for marine life, at the end of the dive whilst ascending and completing decompression or safety stops on the shot line, there is a good chance of seeing large fish, shoals of barracuda and maybe sting rays.