HMS Russell
Location: 4.2 miles from St. Elmo Breakwater Lighthouse

Max Depth (m): 115m

Orientation: Completely upside down, stern section missing

Site Access: Boat

Diver Level: Technical [Trimix]

Nationality: British

Type Of Wreck: Duncan Class Battleship

Propulsion: Two shaft triple expansion, 18000 IHP

Weight (tons): Displacement 14,000grt

Dimensions (m): Length 140m; Breadth 25m; Crew 800

Cause Lost:

While manoeuvring outside Grand Harbour, she struck a mine and became one of the first victims of the German mine laying submarines.

Date Lost: 27/04/1916

Date Rediscovered: July 2003 (by British technical diving team Starfish Enterprise )

Date Built: Laid down 11th March 1899; Launched February 1903

Builder: Palmers Shipbuilding and Ironworks, Jarrow on Tyne

Owner: -

Engine: -

Power: -

Speed: 19 knots (one of the fastest warships afloat of her time)

Protected: Yes


Yes (126 sailors died, 625 were saved including the Admiral and the Captain)

Last Update: 28.05.2009

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