Le Polynesien
Location: -

Max Depth (m): 63 - 70m

Orientation: Listing on the port side at an angle of 45 degrees

Site Access: Boat

Diver Level: Technical [Trimix]

Nationality: French

Type Of Wreck: Passenger Liner

Propulsion: -

Weight (tons): 6659grt

Dimensions (m): 152m; Carried 252 passengers

Cause Lost:

Torpedoed by German U-boat UC22 (Engine room took direct hit)

Date Lost: 10.30am 10/08/1918

Date Rediscovered: -

Date Built: Launched 18th April 1890

Builder: Circat

Owner: The Company of Maritime Freight

Engine: Steam Engine (12 Coal Boilers)

Power: -

Speed: 17.5 knots

Protected: Yes



Last Update: 25.05.2009


Often there are strong currents over this wreck so proper planning and safety cover is required for this Trimix dive.